If you are looking for something more personalised and unique to highlight the luxury of your finale - then either customise your own show using the custom facility at the bottom of the navigation on the left. Your more than welcome to telephone us and discuss your ideas. We can happily accommodate for any ambition and larger budgets.


The larger budget allows the choreographer to develop a much heavier punctuated show. Portraying your choice of music closer and more accurately. Wowing your audience with the representation of your song.


The video's to the left, demonstrates a show compiled at this package level.


You may prefer to have one song represented with this budget, however to Really see the potential of fireworks hitting every punctuation and representing your song as it should be seen.


This package - is a combination of medium punctuated tracks, using a combination of Yung Feng and even some prestigious European standard fireworks within a 5 station width providing a huge stage for your audience to appreciate your chosen music.




The platinum package, which an example is shown in the video is valued at £4,500. Which can be enhanced if required.

Freephone: 0800 107 57 01

Fireworks to Music


Sunrise: 2001 Space Odyssey

The Can Can: Offenbach

Lord of the Dance