Yung Feng and European Fireworks

The above video highlights some of Yung Feng's shells, demonstrating their change in colour / effect and the different tail effects they integrate in their fireworks. Just an example of the level of firework you can expect if you order Yung Feng Quality in your display.

Above is a further video of varying Yung Feng Effects that can be ordered.

An explanation of the firework materials we use.

Yung Feng

A Chinese firework company responsible for producing some of the most beautiful Firework shell effects available today. They are produced using high grade chemical compounds which are reserved for the elite effects that set their products apart. Each shell is built by hand with the stars being set so precisely that the burst in the sky is perfectly spherical and consistent.


The distinguishing feature of Yung Feng shells is their transition between varying colours creating a pulsing wave change, many with crackling pistils and crackling effects as the shell develops.

With the quality chemicals employed, the colours are more vivid and have special hues that other manufacturers are unable to reproduce.


The Fireworks from Spain, Italy and England (kimbolton fireworks) are world renowned. They are expensive, at an average of Four times the cost of a standard effect, but the striking quality makes the extra expenditure worthwhile if the show you are looking for has to have that competition winning edge.


The Candles, Mines, Gerbs, Flares and other pattern creating material of the show (about 70% of any show) are created with such attention to detail that the timing of each firework will maintain perfection throughout. This creates flawless lattice / cross over patterns which are impossible to achieve with lower grade materials.


A competition grade show would draw on materials from across the range; Entry / Yung Feng / European materials to best represent the music with the main elements being selected from the European class of material which is renowned for its consistency and endurance of effects such as hanging Gold Kamuro, (Gold filigree) Brocades and Strobes.


European Roman Candles boast impeccable timing and astounding effects with long lasting tails often including colours and strobe effects.