Fireworks for weddings


All of our display's are fanned out to create a wide, artistic, crowd pleasing display.


The Bronze package usually starts off with Red ground Flares which shower the venue with intense brilliant Red colour, creating a romantic mood quickly followed by a pair of Red Parachute illuminating flares representing the happy couple.


After we have the crowds attention the real fun starts with a steadily growing display of differing colours and effects getting bigger and better with each change of scene.


Fanned out multiple Bombette Barrages fire up leading into the finale sequence of aerial shells ranging in size from 50mm diameter to the massive 150mm canopy finale shell.


I can't believe you achieved such wonderful synchronisation to my wedding song!! Thank's so much!!

Samantha Eckles - Leicester


Our minimum Fireworks only show comes in at £600 for approximately 5 minutes of fireworks.

Freephone: 0800 107 57 01


Wedding Display Fireworks



Above is a photograph taken midway through one of our Bronze package display's


An example of how Spitfire's symmetrical firing techniques paint the sky with colour and deliver amazement to an audience.