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Spitfire's Fireworks to music technician is an accomplished musician whose reputation in the trade for pyro-musical work is renowned and respected.Having a vast knowledge of fireworks allows for a complete harmonisation of effects and music so they blend into one, producing an emotional experience which carries the audience on a wave of excitement.

Fireworks to music shows can be selected from our portfolio, or we can choreograph to your choice of music. We would require the exact track or score to work with and reasonable notice to ensure the show is 100% up to our standards. We do not fire fireworks to background music, all of our work is carried out to exacting standards as our record of competition wins proves...


Our PA system will accommodate crowds of up to 3000 people and is complete with power supply.



Music and Fireworks

Spitfire productions produce pyro-musical displays, winning many competitions. Testifying to our skills in musical interpretation, choreography and synchronisation

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Fireworks to Music, when correctly handled are a thrilling combination, sadly and all too often the concept is destroyed with a careless and inappropriate choice of fireworks, instead of giving a flowing display that rises and falls seamlessly with the score, it ends up with the delicate sections being overshadowed with excessive fireworks and noise.


British Music & Fireworks Championships 2002 winners

(Pyro 2000 , Alan Hillary Pyrotechnics, Quicksilver, Firemagic, External Combustion)


British Music & Fireworks Championships 2003 winners

(Essex Pyrotechnics, Dragon Dynasty Pyrotechnics, 1st Galaxy, Pyro 1, Pendragon)


British music & fireworks Championships 2004 runners up

(Walk the Plank, Shellscape, Millennium Pyrotechnics, Allstar fireworks, Dragon Dynasty Pyrotechnics)

Fireworks Champions 2004 winners

Fireworks Champions 2005 winners

Pyromusical challenge 2005 winners

Fireworks Champions 2010 winners

Fireworks Champions 2012 winners